Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Demolished Kitchen

When taking apart a kitchen or any room in your home it takes a highly skilled team to do it right. Once we detect an unhealthy amount of moisture, one of our t... READ MORE

Drywall Soaked

In the first photo we have a very high moisture meter reading, which indicates there is water trapped within these walls. Our team went straight in to investiga... READ MORE

Concrete Floors

The wood flooring and padding were not able to be salvaged from the amount of water damage that occurred from a large storm. SERVPRO of Summit, Lake, Park &... READ MORE

Storm = Water

Storms very frequently cause water damage to residential and commercial properties. And it's our job to fix that! SERVPRO of Summit, Lake, Park & Eagle Coun... READ MORE

Before & During

A snow storm gone wrong. There was such a big impact of snow left on the ground, when it melted it definitely caused some issues. Storm and water damage affects... READ MORE

Snow Storm

SERVPRO of Summit, Lake, Park & Eagle Counties had a snow storm last winter and here is one of the after effects. There was so much snow that went it melted... READ MORE

Storm Loss

Pictured we have a hole in this home owners roof from a storm loss. Our team made a wall cut around the hole to perfectly seal it. We deal with water damage eve... READ MORE